Romance in Rome

Rome is filled of love, right? But is it the love that you expect?

Abandoned in Bordeaux

Even though back packing is fun most of the time , it doesnt always go to plan. Find out how we was left with no electricity or heating in France.

Petrified in Paris

How I cured my fear iof rides in one of the most magical, yet petrifying places in France.

Moroccan Mountain Mania

A story of how my “walk” through the Moroccan mountains quickly turned into a story between life and death.

Moroccan slip ups

Originally posted on Alternative Perspective:
Off to Morocco and just a little unsure what to be aware off? Here is a small guide on the Don’ts of Morocco and how to avoid getting into sticky situations. What to wear: There are no serious rules and regulations in Morocco about showing skin. In your hotel you…

Moroccan slip ups

The essential guide of what not to do in Morocco. Trust me things can get pretty messy.

Vienna’s art scene

Forget Paris, Amsterdam or Rome for Art, think Vienna to experience the work of some of the most talented artists in history.

Berlin Zoo reality.

Despite my excitement to see such amazing animals the ultimate experience was nothing like I expected.

A different way of life.

When travelling to Amsterdam, I know the norm is to go to the cafes, red light district and the sex museums but there is so much more to see!